The BIODOME is designed to protect against biological or chemical emergencies for families, groups or individuals. It can be quickly erected inside or outdoor by a single person in LESS than 10 minutes.

Chemical Threat

THREAT: Chemical

Army General John “Black Jack” Pershing famously told Congress after World War I that poison gas is “so deadly to the unprepared that we can never afford to neglect the question.” Whether the poison spews from a chemical plant disaster, an act of war or anything in between, breathe easy in less than 10 minutes with the BIODOME.


THREAT: Biological

Sometimes the biggest threat comes in the smallest package. Humankind is no match for microscopic armies of insidious viruses, parasites and other biological threats, but The BioDome’s patented and field-tested technology keeps them in or out, whichever you prefer.


THREAT: Medical

There isn't always a hospital. Maintaining a sterile surgical environment or quarantining the spread of disease are life-and-death necessities that are possible anywhere – even within an existing hospital – with The BioDome’s advanced filter cell systems.


The BIODOME is the only fast deployment shelter designed for  CB (chemical, biological) emergencies. This patented system allows for the safety of small groups, families or quarantine of individuals. Its modular design can be configured to any need required by government, first responder, business or public institution. With a minimum battery life of 24 hours to a present maximum of 170 hours as well as a solar option, it meets all DHS standards in an affordable, self-contained packaged system.

Basic Shelter: 10’w x 10’l x 6’side h x 8’ dome center. 120 lbs.
Air filter:  12”w x 30"l x 9”h. 90 lbs.

NOTE: The air filter alone, can also be installed in a room to make that room biochemical safe.  Call or Email us for specific information. 

The BIODOME shelter's fabric is liquid warfare chemical tested with HD and VX, for no penetration for 72 hours. United States Military approved and used.


Watch our video to learn more and see how quick and easy it is to set up The BIODOME.