The 5 Minute Solution
to Bio/Chemical Threats

First Responders

First Responders

Quick, military-grade protection when you need it most.

For First Responders emergencies.

BioDome shelters for First Responders BioDome shelters for First Responders

The first responders to a disaster scene are usually local fire departments, EMTs and rescue crews. With The BioDome™ shelter system, which uses technology similar to military-grade gas masks, shelter victims of chemical and biological emergencies can and be ready in less than 10 minutes.

The BioDome™ is the first all-inclusive chemical and biological-protective shelter that is lightweight, two-person portable, and battery-powered. The patented Mobile Shelter System passed testing by U.S. Army Dugway Proving Grounds.

Among its benefits for First Responders are:

  • Mobility: The BioDome™ unit is mobile and is easily stored or kept in the back of vehicles for quick access.
  • Quick Set Up: The fast-deployment shelter sets up fast, in 10 minutes, to accommodate six adults.
  • Protective Barrier: The BioDome™ shelter is composed of a composite CB protective fabric (U.S. Army Spec PRF MI 44103). This tent-like shelter is impervious to all chemical and biological weapons, as well as to most industrial chemicals (TIC). It is lame-resistant with high tensile strength; puncture, ultraviolet and infrared light resistant.
  • Proven Performance: The BioDome™ Air Filter is CB-rated and performed well in full-system static testing. The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is operated in the tent interior for secure operating access. The BioDome Air Filter pressurizes the shelter interior, preventing any toxic or biological agents from entering the shelter.
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Fast Chemical/Bio Hazard Shelter Protection

The BioDome™ is designed as a fast deployment shelter system for protection in the event of chemical or biological (CB) emergencies. This military-grade system can be erected in under 5 minutes, indoor or outdoor and is impervious to dispersed gases, biohazard compounds and other atmospheric toxins.