The 5 Minute Solution
to Bio/Chemical Threats

Consumer / Corporate

Consumer / Corporate

Quick, military-grade protection when you need it most.

For chemical, biohazard toxic emergencies.

BioDome shelters for Consumer Application BioDome shelters for Corporate Application

The BioDome™ is a necessity for those civilians, businesses and households in close proximity to hazardous plants and areas with a high probability of being targeted by terrorist activity or unforeseen natural disasters. In a time of crisis, it is very difficult for the public to find shelter. Owning a shelter guarantees your family and employees safety in a matter of minutes.

Corporations or locations of high volume may appeal to a large scale CBRN attack. Providing this shelter within large corporations guarantees the safety of its employees and bystanders. A deadly WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) gas or biological attack AT GROUND ZERO will most certainly kill many within minutes. The BioDome Shelter System, erected in less than 5 minutes, could prevent injury or death to many of the surrounding population near the ground zero of an incident.

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Fast Chemical/Bio Hazard Shelter Protection

The BioDome™ is designed as a fast deployment shelter system for protection in the event of chemical or biological (CB) emergencies. This military-grade system can be erected in under 5 minutes, indoor or outdoor and is impervious to dispersed gases, biohazard compounds and other atmospheric toxins.