The 5 Minute Solution
to Bio/Chemical Threats

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Watch this video to learn more, and see how quick and easy it is to set up The BIODOME:

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The BioDome™ Shelter Systems and example configurations.

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Optional addons for The BioDome™ CB Shelter Systems.

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Important accessories for The BioDome™ CB Shelter Systems.

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Personal Protection Products

The BioDome™ Shelter Systems are designed to protect against biological or chemical emergencies for families, groups, individuals, military and First Responders. All of our shelters can be quickly erected inside or outdoor by a single person in just minutes.

Fast Chemical/Bio Hazard Shelter Protection

The BioDome™ is designed as a fast deployment shelter system for protection in the event of chemical or biological (CB) emergencies. This military-grade system can be erected in under 5 minutes, indoor or outdoor and is impervious to dispersed gases, biohazard compounds and other atmospheric toxins.